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Compositor Software AI-RT1024 is an embedded system working on microkernel level. One can view the Ableton Live 9 DAW as a microkernel sufficient to spread its resources to Compositor Software modules. Each module including AI-RT1024 is a kernel on its own running a virtual machine inside Ableton Live 9 DAW software. The Compositor Software AI-RT1024 can operate on a sample rates up to 192 kHz but as a buffer size decreases more CPU resources allocated to produce the kernel operations. Each Compositor kernel has two parallel bands operation with real-time switching between the P/N states, while circular grounding works in forward tracking mode. AI-RT1024 produces its calculations in real-time sufficient to hear the output of the software as an algorithmic composition music.

Ableton 9 and Max for Live devices

Ableton Live 9 uses audio hardware drivers to enable AI-RT1024 to work on different sample rates as a Max for Live device. Internal programming made with GenExpr language introduced in the Max 6 software made possible sample precise operations.

Embedded System

Ableton Live 9 can load up to four AI-RT1024 devices for real-time operation using multiprocessor support feature. One can also use different virtual machines of Compositor Software for real-time operation of parameters.

Quantum Interpolation

The main function of AI-RT1024 kernel is quantum interpolation of canonical mechanics into Maxwell quantum dynamics suitable as a plug-in adapter for FM clocks inside quantum computers. This in terms leads to relativistic approach in quantum field time theory.

Real-time Kernel

The real-time kernel suitable for latency-free algorithmic music serves as a medium between human-machine interactivity.


Compositor Software modules functioning:


Compositor Software AI-RT1024 uses 64-bit wavetables for storage of modulation parameters. It actively uses front-side bus to calculate its one-thread operation.

Quality of Service

MS coding is used to bring P/N states and grounding in stereo mode operation consuming less cpu power on FFT running inside Ableton Live 9 software.


The parameters of real-time operation use the set of instruments to measure an internal operation and tweak them to achieve the goal of embedded system modules.

GenExpr code recompilation

GenExpr language allows for recompilation of the code on the fly. No need to produce exportcode as it uses static parameters for sample precise variables.

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The quantized radio technology for VLF transmission

Buffer size

1024 samples




16th grid

Compositor Software AIRT1024
Compositor Software AIRT1024
Compositor Software solution to an artificial intelligence problem lies well beyond a conventional modelling of neural networks and uses time-and-space relationships of real-time digital signal processing. The masks approach by changing the speed of thinking as well as frequency relationship for different vector scanning of spherical space Compositor Software see as a spiral of colors for proper synesthetic experience of modeled psychoacoustic perception. The idea implemented not only controls imagination of reciprocal thinking machine but also uses a twice as fast as human being memory read and write speeds by ability to operate in radio and infrared spectrum.
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System Specification

PC or Mac with CPU no less than 2.2 GHz each core (up to four AI-RT1024 modules on quad core CPU), 4GB RAM, Ableton Live 9, Max for Live (Max 6.1 or later, Max 7 or later).

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